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Let there be PPE

Thanks to the hard work of several of the Primary Care Bronze Team we have aquired/purchased a supply of PPE, in particular face/eye guards and FFP2/N95 masks for use in our highest risk environments. The delivery is immenent and hopefully we will see a supply sufficient to keep oyur front line workers as safe as possible through the covid-19 crisis.

The Masks are FFP3/N95 masks that are the highest fltration level that do not need fit testing. Fit testing the entire primary care/GP workforce would be both impractical and exclude a proportion of the staff from using the masks we had sourced due to failed fit.

We have released some guidance to accompany this and woudl encourage you all to try to follow it to keep yourself safe and ensure thet resource is sustained.

Remember the donning and doffing procedures are as important as the kit itself!

This video is a great refresher - remember to wash hands before and after donning and doffing!

and here is PHE's resources on the subject

Keep safe!

The LMC team.

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